by Zonya Foco, RD and Stephen Moss

"The eight Habits in Water with Lemon erased my obsession with food. I lost over 20 pounds and, more importantly, regained my self-confidence."

-Marie-Pierre Mercier - Montreal, Canada

"I feel as though I have been released from 'diet prison.'" -Virgil Clifton, Topeka, Kansas

"Water with Lemon is the perfect blend of a compelling (can't put the book down) story and expert nutrition information. For anyone who has struggled with weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain, guilt, guilt, guilt and for anyone who wants to improve their health in eight easy steps (and isn't that everyone?) Water with Lemon is a must read. Zonya and Stephen were sent by God to save our nation from the obesity epidemic. Thank you Zonya and Stephen!" -Janet L. Simpson, MS, RD, Life Coach and Sports Nutritionist and

"Water with Lemon is a delightful and educational read for anyone who loves a good story AND is interested in learning the secrets to living a healthy, happy & tasty life!" -Arielle Ford, Founder

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